I need all your old tales about Stanton. If these are from the war or of more recent times I would love to hear your stories.

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Tales from Peter Gough

Not for Girls

Air Raid Over Stanton

Blood Donor Sessions

Hallam Fields and Crompton Street


This is a book written by Ian Elliott.


“We also had “blood donor sessions”, held in the works canteen, which were held during works time so you had time off plus a biscuit & a cuppa!!! Needless to say these were very popular. ”


“My happiest memory was meeting my husband who worked as a fitter. I must have looked a picture in my overalls and woollie hat pulled down over my ears”


“I saw men who’d had the steel taken out of them,” said Peter. “They looked yellow, grey and sallow. ‘Gough’, I thought, ‘you’ve come here to die.”


“Stanton was lucky that night as none of the bombs hit but some fell in the fields close by and killed some cows.”


“We learnt to swim in the canal, in an area we called ‘ot watters’ , due to the hot waste water pouring from the furnaces.”


“My Uncle worked at Stanton, I think all of his life, He lived at Hallam fields at School house lane I think it was called. and it was right inside the factory. He was a Steam Crane Driver and much of time was spent lifting pig iron with a Massive electro magnet and dropping it into wagons. He took myself and my elder brother with him one day, we would have been about 11 or12, and he had to drive down the railway to lift a wagon which had come of the tracks. I still remember the noise, the heat,  the steam and the rattle of the chains. It was one of the most exciting things we had done.”

Donated by John Mason

Note, this chapter contains strong language